Thursday, January 28, 2016

What we've been doing...

Wet January weather filled the rain barrel and lots of water activity is taking place! Scrubbing the fence is a full-body exercise.

It was so rainy that we found things to do on the covered patio - hopping spots!

Filling the wagon with water.

Geography is intensely interesting to young children who are learning about their place in the world.

Examining a colored globe, exploring the continents.

Learning to write numbers on a chalkboard.

Sensorial work occupies many children on some days.

Outisde our growing collection of "loose parts," such as logs, boards, and beams has finally caught the attention of the children. These natural items provoke lots of building and storytelling.

Here an obstacle course has been created.

Taking off his own boots, learning to care for himself and his school!

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