Friday, December 9, 2016

Winter is Here!

Winter is here, and we have been closed for a couple days  due to ice and snow. Before the closure we started working on some winter activities at school!

Cutting snowflakes is an exercise in folding, cutting, and design! It's so fun to see what shapes appear when we unfold the paper after cutting.

We aren;t baking cookies at school, but sifting flour is so much fun! And then it's fun to sweep up all the spilled flour. 

Polishing the brass Chanukkiah feels like an important task leading up to Chanukah. 

Look! There's ice all over the bark chips!

Handwork is an extra-cozy way to spent cold days.

Exploring the dreidls - how can we spin them? How many candles fit in the Chanukkiah?

Painting wooden snowflakes to take home.

These leaves are frozen in a sheet of ice.

Another sheet of ice from the wagon! The world feels so different in cold weather.