Sunday, December 13, 2015

Chag Chanukah Sameach!

Happy Chanukah to All!
Holidays and changing seasons bring lots of opportunities to bring new activities to the classroom, and gives us a chance to observe and interact with our changing outdoor environment.

Tamping down the compost after pulling out old, dead vines.

There is ice on the bark chips!

Bulb planting has replaced seed sprouting on our potting shelf and the planted bulbs are lining up. 

Putting candles in our brass Hanukkiah.

Chanukah cutting and pasting adds a holiday theme to a popular work.

Jewels, candles, and Chanukah cutters offer new explorations in salt dough.

Time to get ready for our Chankah party! Painting a background for picture-taking.

Scrubbing up after all that blue and white paint.

Making Magen David decorations to hang up.

When they are dry, they can be painted.

Almost party time! Polishing the wooden dreidels and washing the tables to help get the classroom ready for our friends and family. 

We light the candles every day and sing the blessings before lunch. 

Party time! Our special guest, Sarabel, treats us to a wondrous Chanukah tale!

Happy Chanukah from Tree of Life Montessori!

And now…