Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Busy Spring Days

Our daily activities vary based on the mood and choices made by the children, but often the first thing chosen is a cleaning activity from the Practical Life section.

Caring for our plants with the plant washing tray.

Polishing the table makes it shiny, and the polish smells fresh like lemon!

Sink scrubbing engages the whole body and is very satisfying!

Sensorial activies such as the geometry cabinet are also chosen throughout the morning.

Observing another friend's work is an important part of time spent in a Montessori classroom. 
We inspire each other with our work and new ideas.

Building outside the frame is a new, more challenging way to complete this biology puzzle!

Spending time with the dollhouse is a good way to get familiar with this language tool. 

When it's time to go outside we can ask a friend to help with snaps or zippers. 

Playing ball outside after a busy morning!

A new, sturdy, stainless steel spigot is a big motivation for water play.

Pouring and mixing in the "bakery shop."

Look! We found a caterpillar! What do you think it will become, a moth or a butterfly?

Climbing in the hedge together.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Celebrating Passover, Montessori-Style

Passover is one of the most important holidays on the Jewish calendar. Its cultural, spiritual, and symbolic importance cannot be underestimated. In our Montessori classroom, where concrete, real things take a starring role, we used Passover as a starting point to explore the continent of Africa. We have been talking more about basic geography, looking at the globe, singing about the continents, and focusing on Africa specifically.

Books featuring different aspects of African cultures, an envelope full of pictures from all over Africa, and the continent from the puzzle map of the continents all fed our studies. 

 A seder plate matching activity was popular, introducing some Passover vocabulary and bringing the pictures in Passover story books to life.

Of course eating Matzah for snack was pretty popular!

Sharing a Matzah snack.

More about the past few weeks to come! Stay tuned!