Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Happenings around the School

Some photos of friends at work and play!
We always want a turn to help fill the bird feeder.

Using new senses to sort tablets by weight.

Helping friends use the new yoga cards

Using a memory marker turns any material into a distance game! 

Scrubbing new chairs for our outdoor area is a good way to get some gross motor activity and contribute to our classroom community.

A challenge - can you build the pink tower using only the sense of touch?

Thinking of a classification - such as parts of a plant - help guide our first forays into building words phonetically.

Sensorial work invites concentration, careful movements, and discrimination of shape and size.

Always finding new ways to build. The mathematical relationships designed into the materials make them endlessly fascinating to build with.

Showing a friend how to wash our vases after the flowers have wilted.

Making charoset for a Pesach snack!

Pulling grapes off the vine for snack.

With new flowers to plant everyone wants to help dig in the flower bed.

Six children working together could lift and carry this basin full of water!

Cleaning up after a spill.

More exploration of sensorial work.

Pushing hard to get every last drop of juice!

Sometimes children spend the first part of the morning sitting together, folding laundry and enjoying each others' company. Sometimes a teacher will sit and gently guide the activity but sometimes they can take care of it without adult help.

Joyful discovery of the relationships between size and balance - can I build it upside-down?