Monday, February 27, 2017

Winter Work

A few scenes from our classroom this winter, as the community builds cohesion and we learn how to be good friends.

Scavenger hunts, lists of objects found in the room, offer lots of movement and more practice reading. working with a friend helps reinforce sounds children don't know yet.

Enjoying lunch together. 

Preparing mini-pizzas for a yummy warm snack. You grate the cheese, I will spread the sauce!

Carefully washing the leaves of a plant offers space for meditation on its size, shape, and texture.

Showing a friend how to whip bubbles with the egg beater.

 Using a blindfold heightens the sense of touch and isolates texture, size, or weight. 

Beads give a sensorial impress of addition, leaving the discovery of the basic math facts to the child's own exploration.

Individual work means living in a community, learning how to make a space for ourselves, and also observing the creative work of others. 

Cleaning the easel is always a great opportunity for big movement and plenty of sloshing water! It's a fun work to do with a friend.

A sunny day invites the children to sweep and scrub the patio.

Older children love to help their younger friends with their clothing, building friendship and community.

We planted an apple tree for Tu B'Shevat! We talked about what trees give us - oxygen, shade, fruit, paper, and wood. Our tree will give us shade and fruit! Children dug the hole and filled it in with all the dirt, making sure to squirt plenty of water with the hose.

It's always nice to write the names of the people you love.

More sunshine means planting seeds, scrubbing the bricks, and enjoying the fresh air.

Someone spilled a whole bucket of water! No need to panic - it's an opportunity for the community to work together to solve the problem.