Sunday, September 13, 2015

Shana Tova! A New Year, New Friends, New Things to Do!

Montessori classrooms often start their year with the song, "At The Beginning," by Montessori music teacher Sanford Jones. We sing together,

At the beginning is a good place to be
What will each day bring for you and me?
New life, new friends, new things to do
At the beginning is a good place to be

And here we are at the beginning! Our old friends have returned to be together and new friends have joined us. We are learning new things to do and revisiting what we already know.
Rolling and unrolling a work rug are skills we master in the first weeks!

The pegboard required focus and invites creativity.

Face-washing with an eyedropper brings concentrated attention.

Having water accessible means the children can do it for themselves.

It's fun to visit an old favorite book with friends!

Our new Assistant, Alicia, gathers a group for a story. 

Preparing snacks with individual snack work

We gather together in small groups and large groups throughout the day! 
We play games and celebrate together. 

Playing games with chairs develops our coordination and strengthens our bodies. It's also a lot of fun!

We celebrated the first birthday of the year! He carries the earth around the sun and 
we celebrate a new year of life. 

Ariel leads the Sound Game with a group of children.

We lift our grape juice high as we sing the blessings for our Shabbat lunch!

Outside there are new tools and spaces to enjoy and new ways to use our bodies.
We learn to wait for the trampoline so that everyone can use it safely.

A zig-zag of wood scraps makes a great balance beam.

What can we use this wheelbarrow for?

Finding seeds on the nasturtium flowers we planted last spring. 
Maybe we can plant these and get new plants!

Planting anemone bulbs in the new butterfly garden.

Stumps are great for climbing, and these invite children to sit and share a conversation

 We explore land and water forms in the sandbox. First we dug a lake, then we built an island in the middle. The first hand sensorial experience builds real understanding of big concepts.

Rosh HaShanah is here! We read many books about the Jewish New Year and listened to the sound of the shofar.
Painting Rosh HaShanah cards to take home.

The children anticipated the loud sound of the shofar, covering their ears.

Some children can blow it too!

Happy New Year! L'Shana Tova!