Saturday, February 27, 2016

Rainbow Project!

                                   Cardboard, a whole lot of paint, and another beautiful creation!

Abstract Art
They painted bamboo using tempera paints, sand, cardboard, and an afternoon of exploring their artistic & creative minds 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Learning From Others

One thing that sets Montessori classrooms apart is the multi-age groups of children. Even within a small age difference, children are at many different stages of development. Having children who are more experienced or proficient around helps children understand that they can learn these activities too, and observing or helping is a way to get involved in another's activity without interrupting them.

At school we observe quietly, with hands behind our backs, so as not to touch anyone else's work. 

Sometimes helpers can come along and give a point of interest to get the activity flowing!

Working together on an intimidating material makes it more fun. 

 Sharing knowledge about plants and gardening - we only pull off the brown leaves!

The sense of community means we know how and want to comfort friends when they are sad or hurt.

Coming up with new games outside and inviting everyone to play!

That said, we know that we need to give others space for their work. Sometimes work takes careful concentration, and other times it is pleasant to be left alone to enjoy a sensory experience.

Sorting wooden tablets by weight using only the hands. No peeking!

Focusing means repeating activities over and over - Soon the room will be full of flowers!

Repeatedly filling a bucket and dumping it into the wagon. Water is a great motivation for repetition and concentration. 

Finding new ways to move on our outdoor structure.

Learning a new skill takes focus.

Someone left this chair covered in finger-paint. What material can we use to wash it? It will look satisfyingly clean when she is done!

Finding the first flowers blooming in our play yard! Enjoying the beauty and then sharing it with friends. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A week of learning about birds and their habitats & more!

Bird Week!
Learning about a variety of local birds and building a family nesting ground 

Taking inspiration from colorful flower arrangements and bright markers.

                            Being creative swirling some flubber! 

                           One of the next upcoming projects! 
                                 Bamboo and Tempera Paints