Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Back to school with a wintry start!

We are back in action after winter break, and winter definitely came to Portland this year! We closed for a day before reopening because our world was encased in ice. By the next day there was enough of a thaw for the roads and our play area to be safe for everyone. 

Snow and ice gave us lots of opportunities to explore the changing environment.

Catching sleet on his tongue!

Tasting the clean ice!

Slippery ice makes walking on these logs quite challenging!

Playing with the remaining chunks of ice.

A wagonful of ice to explore.

Our new afternoon teacher, Dustin, started the year in the best way - with worms! The children built a worm bin and fed them with food scraps from the compost bucket. Nothing wins the hearts and minds of young children sooner than a handful of worms.

Dustin tells a story during aftercare.

Check back frequently for art projects completed in the afternoons!

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