Sunday, February 8, 2015

Tu B'Shevat Sameach! Happy Birthday, Trees!

This week we celebrated Tu B'Shevat in many ways! We read tree books, sang songs about trees, and talked about all of the gifts trees bring to us. We also had visitors, Rodney and his daughter. Rodney came to build a play structure in the yard and his daughter stayed with the rest of us.

On Monday we planted some herbs in a new garden bed and made sure to water them well.

The noise of the saw was a bit of a concern, but Rodney made sure not to do any cutting while we were outside. It was fun to watch his work!

Exploring leaves

Showing a new friend how to get water (and finding out what happens when you try to fill a colander!)

Collage had sticks, leaves, and red beads (blossoms) for Tu B'Shevat

There is always time to share a drink of water with friends.

The colder, wetter weather did not deter outdoor work.

On Tu B'Shevat (Wednesday) we made a big tree poster for our classroom!

Outside we dug a hole and planted a little fig tree.

Holding the tree in place together.

It takes many helpers to plant a tree! Carrying soil in a shovel to put around the tree.

Children learned how to scoop up the soil with a large shovel and move it over to the hole. 

Watching Rodney finish our climbing structure!

We tasted nine different foods that come from trees, including fruit, nuts, and for a special dessert surprise, a small square of chocolate!

We beautified our space with flower arrangements.

A lot of spontaneous outdoor scrubbing happened.

Scrubbing a flower pot.

Finally our new structure was ready for action!

Going under is just as fun as climbing up.

What a busy week together. Shabbat Shalom!

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