Monday, February 16, 2015

The Gifts We Bring

Each person brings his or her own gifts to the world, and each child makes gifts to the class in one way or another. Their own interests, their actions, their friendship - each affects the lives of the others in the group. We are learning how to bring out the best for each other, to lead and follow in different ways in our daily lives together.
Observing a friend dusting a table. That looks like fun!

We can clean this spill together.

A strong friend can pull us in the wagon.
Gathering friends around for a jam session…

…then giving air guitar lessons outside!

Taking care of the tree is a gift to the Earth. Young trees need a lot of water to grow.

Individual work has taken off in the past week. Food preparation remains very popular, especially with the addition of peanut shelling.

Learning to take quiet time for oneself is a valuable lesson - adults can learn this one from children!

Balancing up high!

Discovering that the metal insets match some of the shapes in the geometry cabinet.

Using scissors takes a lot of practice to master.

Very focused peanut shelling. 

Enjoying these sunny winter days while they last!

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