Sunday, January 18, 2015

Working Together, Working by Ourselves

This week as we caught on to the daily rhythm of our school day and continued to practice everything we learned last week, the children showed great interest in building relationships with one another. Many times work was shared, without any prompting from Morah Ariel and without any problems arising.
Scrubbing windows together

Running on the line first thing in the morning gets us ready for a busy day!

Everyone learned how to peel their own mandarins

Helping a friend get water from our rain barrel

The simple pleasure of building together

While playing with friends is lots of fun, it's also satisfying to work alone, building skills and making our own discoveries. The children organically flowed in and out of working together and choosing independent activities throughout the morning.

A different kind of beads inspired renewed interest in the activity.

Flower arranging requires many skills, such as pouring water and decision-making.
The arrangements also beautify our classroom!

Drawing with concentration

Water is an endless source of interest and experimentation for young children

Pouring lentils is a classic Montessori preliminary activity, 
paving the way for many other activities that require self-control. 
Children will often repeat the pouring over and over
 until they feel satisfied with the work.

Spontaneously cleaning the chalkboard with a wet sponge! 
Then it will be fresh and ready for a new picture.

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