Thursday, January 15, 2015

Welcoming new friends!

Last week we welcomed our first friends to Tree of Life Montessori. We spent our first week getting to know each other and exploring the school environment. We spent a lot of time together singing, stretching, telling stories, and playing games. We spent time playing outside and using different tools in the sand box.

Working on the pegboard

Branches are fun to use in so many different ways!

Exploring the sandbox

By the end of the week everyone was able to independently choose creative activities, like painting and collage. We also learned ways to keep our classroom looking beautiful, such as washing the glass windows on the french doors.

Two painters at work.

Plein air painting on our covered patio!

Beading on pipe cleaners takes a lot of concentration, but it is very rewarding.

Wiping the windows lets the sunshine in.

First thing Friday, we mixed some dough and let it rise all morning. Before going home for the day, we shaped and baked our challah, said Hamotzi together, and ate it up! We can't wait to do it again next week!

Mixing all the ingredients takes strong arms and a lot of helpers.

Fresh challah! Delicious!

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