Sunday, May 3, 2015

Inside time and outside time

With the weather warming up even more, children are choosing to spend more time outside on our patio, bringing activities outside.

A sunny, warm morning inspires industrious activity outside!

New large chalk sticks are great for decorating the play structure.

We take turns dumping in potting soil for the flowers we are planting.

Back inside, beautiful materials call to the children's senses.

Taking turns playing music and listening.

Scrubbing the sink uses core muscles and it is left shining!

Working on functional independence means putting on socks and shoes by himself.

Sharing a "snack" with a friend outside.

Sometimes running through the hose is just what we need!

But it isn't sunny every day. It doesn't matter to these ones, they are 
happily catching drips from the leaky gutter. 

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