Sunday, March 29, 2015

Friends are Inspiring

Sometimes it's hard to remember everything there is to do at school. That's why children are welcome to observe their friends at work, getting inspired by that they are doing and what they are finding.

Sometimes one child tries something new with the materials…

Inspiring another child to try it too!

Something as simple as a new basket can provoke a new activity outside - picking dandelions.

Showing a worm he found while digging in the soil.

One child moving on the line inspires many others to join in! 
Crawling is one way to explore movement and bring in an imaginative element.

Bringing out new materials is always a good way to get creative work going.

Negotiating play outside means learning social skills and expressing needs through words.

The first birthday of the year! He makes his way around the sun as his classmates look on.

The interior of the hedge has become a great place to get some space and climb around on the branches.

We have been reading the book Sun Bread by Elisa Kleven on and off since the school year began, and decided that the Spring Equinox would be the perfect time to follow the recipe in the back of the book and make our own sun bread. 
Everyone taking turns to pour in the ingredients and mix it well. 
Enjoying our soft, buttery bread, with plum jam, outside for a spring picnic!

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